Unleash your Bitcoin on Tezos

tzBTC delivers the power of Bitcoin as a token on the Tezos blockchain.

tzBTC in circulation


BTC in custody


Why add Bitcoin on Tezos

Liquidity and Brand

tzBTC brings the liquidity and battle-tested brand of Bitcoin (BTC) into the Tezos ecosystem, enabling BTC-backed use-cases on Tezos. Developers on Tezos can use tzBTC to enable novel financial applications on the Tezos blockchain.

Usable In Tezos Smart Contracts

As an asset on Tezos, tzBTC enables Tezos-based applications to use BTC with the full expressivity of Tezos smart contracts. tzBTC is implemented using the FA 1.2 asset standard on Tezos.

No single-point-of-failure

The tzBTC system divides governance among a group of Keyholders. Keyholders can access via multi-signature wallets the underlying Bitcoin and oversee supply management by minting and burning the corresponding tzBTC. Gatekeepers interact directly with End-Users and ensure compliance with KYC & AML documentation.

Who is backing tzBTC

The Association

The Bitcoin Association Switzerland acts as a third-party overseer and mediator Keyholders, strengthening the integrity of the tzBTC system. More information about the Bitcoin Association Switzerland may be found on its website. The Association agrees to use a standard contract for its role in the tzBTC ecosystem.


A distributed group of Keyholders can access via multi-signature wallets the underlying Bitcoin and manage the supply with minting and burning of the corresponding tzBTC. Keyholders and Gatekeepers typically use a standard contract.


A distributed group of Gatekeepers accept BTC after conducting KYC & AML checks (identity verification) and allocate tzBTC in return. There is no limit to the number of Gatekeepers allowed. An application to become a Gatekeeper can be made to an existing Keyholder.

How it works

tzBTC is composed of three different processes. “Initiating” involves potential end-users, whereas “Minting” and “Burning” are done by Keyholders and Gatekeepers.


Initiating tzBTC is simple: a User requests tzBTC from a Gatekeeper who then performs the required KYC & AML checks to verify the User’s identity. The User then sends BTC to the Gatekeeper and in return receives the corresponding tzBTC tokens (after Minting by Keyholders).


Minting is the process of creating new tzBTC supply: after new tzBTC is requested by a Gatekeeper, tzBTC is minted by Keyholders using a multi-signature setup and sent to a Gatekeeper who then allocates it to a User.


Burning is the process of removing tzBTC: a Gatekeeper can request to remove tzBTC from circulation (burn) by sending them to a predefined address managed by a multi-signature wallet controlled by Keyholders. Once burned, the corresponding BTC are transferred to a Gatekeeper and then allocated back to a User.

Get tzBTC

These Exchanges and Gatekeepers list tzBTC or exchange BTC to tzBTC and vice versa.

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse has been a pioneer in providing crypto-financial services. Bitcoin Suisse has helped to shape the crypto-and blockchain-ecosystem in Switzerland. Eligible requestors for TZBTC must be fully onboarded as institutional customer incl. KYC / AML documentation, eligibility check will apply. The minimum amount for trading with Bitcoin Suisse is 10 BTC or 10 TZBTC. Fees apply for each transaction.

Sygnum is the world’s first digital asset bank, and a digital asset specialist with global reach. Sygnum offers a portfolio of regulated banking services which seamlessly integrates traditional and digital assets into one account, including major national currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, a Digital CHF and asset tokens. Founded on Swiss and Singapore heritage, Sygnum empowers institutional clients to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust.

Where to use

tzBTC is supported by Tezos wallets and block explorers.


AirGap is a crypto asset wallet where your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’. Store your assets entirely secure on an offline device. With AirGap you can manage your Tezos, Bitcoin and tzBTC all with one wallet. The Swiss IT-security consulting company Compass Security audited the tzBTC implementation in AirGap.

Ledger produces hardware wallets that support the Tezos protocol. tzBTC is currently supported through the tzbtc-client, a command tool specifically allowing the interaction with a Ledger hardware device for the purpose of tzBTC.

Temple Wallet is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for the Tezos ecosystem. Temple Wallet allows users to interact with Tezos dapps, and store tez (Tezos tokens) and Tezos-based assets like tzBTC. Least Authority performed a third-party security audit of Temple Wallet.

Block Explorers

TzStats is a block explorer and premium data API for Tezos created by Blockwatch Data.

TzKT is a user-friendly and highly detailed block explorer for Tezos. TzKT is based on its own open-source indexer and provides a fast, reliable, and flexible API.

BTC in custody

The BTC addresses below control the BTC corresponding to the tzBTC in circulation.